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A beautiful smile entails a beautiful face. In a world where beauty is often overrated, smile has a very important role to play. This is where cosmetic dentistry gains it’s prominence.  Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental work that helps in improving the appearance of a person's gum, teeth or bite. Though it helps in restoring the health and functions of teeth, this branch of dentistry is more concerned with appearance. The main focus of this branch of dentistry is to bring about an improved dental aesthetics in the position, size, shape, alignment and colour of a person's teeth and gums, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the face.

Cosmetic dentistry uses various techniques for smile correction and enhancement.Veneering, a popular smile design method, is done by placing ultra-thin shells in front of the teeth.  It helps in repairing damages to chipped, crooked or stained teeth. Gaps in teeth can also be filled by this method.  Lumineers is another important technique in cosmetic dentistry. As there is no drilling or shots involved, it is considerably painless. This is done by bonding smile shapers to the front of the teeth.

Bonding, another popular method, is similar to veneering but its cheaper. In this technique, the natural structure of the teeth is maintained. This method is not permanent and it fades over time. Other smile shaping techniques include placing crown or caps in case of decay or fractures, correcting gummy smiles by modifying tissues in gums, tooth shaping etc. Unlike the other techniques mentioned above, instant orthodontics helps in creating a balanced smile with the help of advanced dental technology.

A smile correction or enhancement can work miracles on our face. Under the expertise of Dr. Hiba Ali, a well experienced dental surgeon in implant and aesthetic dentistry, Dentique Dental Clinic, Kozhikode, Kerala offers expert aesthetic, pediatric and orthodontic dentistry treatments at a fare cost.

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