Clear Aligners

They are a set of invisible and removable teeth aligners. They are now used as a replacement to the conventional dental braces. The reason why these braces are in high demand is primarily due to their vast number of advantages. Transparency of these aligners is sufficiently high so that they are nearly invisible. This makes them more difficult to detect than the normal traditional and metal bracket braces. Difficulty in performing normal activities is very less as these can be easily removed when situation demands. The various side-effects of the traditional braces are also rectified using this type of braces. The negative effects of the gums and adjoining areas are very less compared to the conventional braces. The chances of tooth decay are high when the traditional braces are used. In contrast, these effects are negligible when these braces are employed. In addition, these braces exert only less force per week than the conventional braces. These braces therefore result only lesser probability of sudden tooth damage and loss.
Clear Path Aligners

In treatment also, invasalign treatments are believed to be quicker than the traditional treatment options. The only requirement is that invasalign treatment requires computerized techniques for its treatment. The treatment also results in a more straight set of teeth when these braces are used on a regular basis.

There are certain steps of the fixation of invasalign braces. A consultation with the dental expert can help the patient to understand more deeply about these braces, the necessity and the procedure involved. After the consultation, a 3 dimensional image of the teeth is created. This shall help in comprehending the tooth structure in along all the 3 axes. After a precise interpretation, a suitable treatment plan is decided. Using a computer simulation program, the dental expert shall give the patient a virtual representation regarding the teeth movement during the each stage of the treatment. The alingners are designed on an individual basis to fit to the patient???s teeth structure perfectly. The patient can remove this during activities like brushing, eating etc. It is advisable to keep them as long as possible. Also, it is recommended to change the alinger within every 2 weeks. This shall indicate the different stages of the treatment. Occasional checkups can ensure this. As each stage advances, the patient will be able to see the level of closeness to the teeth. After the successful completion of the treatment schedule, the patient can indeed smile in a manner that he/she wished to


Clear-aligner or Invisible braces treatments believed to be quicker than the traditional treatment options. Computerized techniques are used for Invisible braces treatment method. Clear aligners are virtually invisible, it will help to correct the misaligned teeth problems also improve your smile. Normally clear-aligner treatments are painless method,and there is no upper age limit for the treatment.


1. Painless Treatments
2. Clear-aligner are easy to maintain and clean
3. Aligners are cozy and do not make any harm to your gums and cheeks
4. Clear-aligner are easy removable,and it make easier to brush and floss after meals

Clear Path Aligners are well-defined form of orthodontic treatment meant for adults. However, as there is no upper age limit, the minimum age limit is 14 years. In other words, patients who are 14 and above, can confidently place dental aligners, to have their teeth straightened out.
People can easily remove aligners especially while brushing the??teeth or eating food. Unlike, the??traditional or wired braces, Clear Path Aligners are easily removable. People wearing braces can also switch over to aligners.??You can find a significant number of patients who are treated with a combination of braces and Clear Path Aligners. However, there is??need to consult dentist, on how you can go about, shifting from one appliance to another. Dentist??will prescribe the right mode of treatment for this. Aligners will help to reduce the visit to the dentists.??By using Clear Path Aligners, your waiting time, at the dental clinic, is considerably reduced. Your visits to the dentist as well as your chair time is significantly minimal. This is mainly because, the heavy work of changing nets, wires or brackets is completely eliminated.

Dental Braces

Also known as orthodontic braces, these devices are primarily aimed at the proper alignment & strengthening of teeth. In several cases, a person???s bite may be improper due misalignment. Use of dental braces over a fixed period of time can help in reducing this disorder. Improvement in dental health can also be achieved using these devices. Some of the other conditions that can be corrected using these devices are overbites, cross bites, deep bites etc. In many cases, these devices are used along with other appliances to provide a more proper shaping of the jaws and teeth.


Dental braces act on the set of teeth by exerting the right amount of pressure in appropriate sites. For this to happen successfully, 4 elements are mandatory. They are as follows:dental-braces


  • Wire or metal braces.
  • Brackets.
  • An appropriate bonding material.
  • A suitable O-ring that normally consists of an arch wire elastic ligature etc.


When the constant pressure is exerted, the teeth align in proper positions over a period of time. The reason why this procedure is to be done gradually is due to the fact that sudden exertion of this pressure can result in immediate tooth loss. Also, application of pressure gradually can make the effect more permanent.

Dental braces are of several types. Some of the common types of braces that are in use include the following:

  • Conventional metal wired braces: These braces are commonly fabricated using stainless and titanium (for specific conditions). These braces consist of an elastic rubber that provides sufficient support to the metal brackets. A variation in this conventional type of braces is the self-ligating braces. The difference is that these types of braces shall function properly without the elastic ties.
  • Clear braces: A more natural colour of these braces shall increase the cosmetic appearance of this type of braces. They can also of hidden or clear type, in which they are characterized by the absence of any colour.
  • Gold-plated braces: These braces are usually administered for those who have irritation with nickel. In some cases, they are also preferred due to an appearance that resembles the look of gold.
  • Lingual braces: These braces are fixed to the back of teeth. Hence they happen to be invisible to other people. They are therefore a better option for those people who do not want their braces to be visible to others.
  • Titanium braces: They are usually fabricated using stainless steel. But, they are lighter and have sufficient strength. They are commonly preferred for those who are allergic to nickel.