Dental Crowns And Bridges In Kerala

People keep their teeth healthy and safe with regular brushing and check ups. But still if you got some troubles with decay. Cracks or trauma of one or more teeth in your mouth, your doctor may suggest you to have dental crown or dental bridges. This will resize and reshape your teeth worn teeth, and also will protect your teeth from further troubles.


Dental Crowns:

Dental crowns are hard structures placed above your damaged teeth covering it efficiently which takes an improved shape of your natural tooth. This fits correct just as the natural tooth as it is made from the impression of your teeth. Most of such teeth are made up of hard and white structures so as to make them appear natural. Once the crowns are in place, your teeth will be stronger and last for a longer period. The crowns can be ceramic, resin and sometimes even gold.

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Dental Bridges:

Dental bridge is a ceramic structure which are used to fill the gap between the teeth due to missing and extracted tooth. MIssing of teeth can affect your talking as well as chewing action, which can be solved using dental bridges. Bridges are of two types; removable and permanent bridges. Removable bridges are also termed as partial dentures which can be taken out and cleaned. But the permanent cannot be removed if once placed.


At first your dentist will take an impression of your teeth or take a digital scan of your mouth. Using modern technologies he will design the ceramic tooth and will insert it efficiently in the gap between the two teeth.

Crown and bridge care:

Once you have a dental crown or dental bridge placed on your teeth, extra care should be taken to keep it hygeine. It is important that you should brush and floss your teeth 2-3 times a day. This will avoid the decay of your teeth as keep the area around your crowns and bridges utmost neat. Certains things like, chewing pens, crunching ice, gnawing fingernails and eating sticky food like toffees and chocolates need to be avoided. Whether you have dental crown or bridges, you should regularly visit your doctor for checkup so that any issues if exist can be detected earlier and can be treated before turning severe.

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