At Dentique we truly care about our patients’ comfort and overall dental experience at our clinic. We provide high quality dentistry in a relaxing environment. We understand the latest techniques in dentistry and continiously invest in modern technology that makes coming to the dentist more favorable.

Listed below are some of the facilities at our clinic that are provided for you, the patient.


Dental Chairs

We are equipped with two dental chairs to facilitate simultaneous and faster treatments and procedures.Both the dental charis are fully automatic and have state of the art technology being used in them


Dental X Ray


We have a Dental X Ray unit so that the patient does not have to go elsewhere for getting X ray.Since the dental X Ray is in house we use a lead apron to ensure adequate protection of the patient from over exposure of dental X Ray’s.Dental X Ray



We are having a well equipped sterlization room with equipment for sterilzation of equipment. We prefer to use disposables material as much as possible. Equipments or instruments that are used repeatedly are sterlized using autoclaves.All disposable equipments are incerated and disposed properly to aviod any possibility of repeat use.Sterlization


Reception and Waiting??

Our reception area is well furnished and we have both audio and visual media available.Reading material like magazines,newspapers and periodicals are also made available to any patient who may have to wait.Waiting is minimized as most consultation is through appointment.

Patient Records

We chronicle all activites at our clinic from the time of patients first visit or enquiry . Every visit and procedure is properly chronicled and reviews are done preiodically inorder to ensure accuracy and also to improve the overall performance of the system.