Flap Surgery for Gum Diseases

A flap surgery is a type of gum procedure used to treat severe gum diseases. It is recommended for people with gum diseases which cannot be cured using root planning, antibiotics and scaling. During this procedure an oral surgeon cleans repairs the bone damaged caused due to gum diseases and cleans the root of the tooth.

The Procedure

In this procedure local anesthesia is given to numb the area before making small incisions. Then the dental surgeon will separate the gums from the tooth by using a scalpel and it is lifted back like a flap to get direct access to the roots and bone supporting the teeth. Then the periodontist will remove the inflamed tissues from the teeth as well as from the holes in the bone. In order to clean the plaque and tartar the periodontist will do a procedure called scaling and rooting. In cases of bone defects, the periodontist eliminate this procedure and do a procedure called osseous contouring is done to smoothen the edge of the bone.

Once the procedure is complete, the periodontist will place back the gum against the teeth and stitched in place. The patient should keep up a good oral hygiene as directed by the periodontist while the surgical site is healing.

Follow Up

After the surgery, the patient should keep the mouth as clean as possible to prevent infections. The following are some of the follow ups a patient should do after a Flap surgery:

  • Brush and floss regularly after the surgery, otherwise the gum disease will come back.
  • Stop smoking and using tobacco which delays the healing by decreasing the ability of the gum to fight against infection.
  • Visit the dentist once in a while to check the progress and to make sure that the gum disease is not spreading.
  • Anti microbial mouth rinses containing chlorhexidine can be used to rinse the mouth.

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