Patients Safety


Patient safety is a fundamental principle of health care today. Each year,millions of patients all around the world are affected by health care-associated infections At every stage the process of care-giving contains a certain degree of risk of safety.

Lead aprons are used when x-ray is being taken.We use disposable or carefully sterilized equipments for the treatment.Also the doctor and the assistants use protective drapes and headcaps while the treatment sessions .Patient safety may be compromised due to problems in practice, products, procedures or systems. Patient safety policy and its implementation is a complex system-wide effort, involving a range of actions in performance improvement, safety and risk management, including infection control, safe use of medicines, equipment safety, safe clinical practice and safe environment of care.

We at Dentique consider Patient Safety as one of the most important aspects of Dental Care at our clinic. We ensure that health care associated infections are prevented through good hand hygiene at the right times and in the right way. We also have very good sterilization systems in place at our clinic.

Patient Education and transparency is practiced at all times. Proper records are maintained and reviews are done periodically in order to avoid repeat errors and minimize the risk involved to the patient.

Enjoy a safe dental care at Dentiquie as we are equally concerned about your safety while at our clinic. We will also keep you updated after the procedures about do’s and dont’s.