People turn to teeth whitening kits to brighten their smile and whiten their teeth for many reasons. The most obvious reason is that a person’s smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet someone. Yellowed teeth is a sign of aging, and as people age, their teeth naturally gets dull and yellowed. Whiter smiles by teeth whitening kits make people look younger, healthier, and more attractive, and that is something that people can pay a dentist to do or they can do it themselves at home when it is convenient for a mere fraction of what a dentist charges.

Technology in dentistry today has given us many great innovations and ways to take care of our teeth, and one of these is the home teeth whitening kit. There are many different types of kits. The one provided at our clinic uses peroxide and gel strips and takes 3 days per treatment with dental trays with gels. A home teeth whitening kit can be a very useful tool for people who wants to get their teeth whitened at the comfort of their home. The home teeth whitening kit is revolutionary in dental care treatment at its best, and it uses the latest techniques that are also used by professionals. In general,the teeth whitening kit that people use at home is designed to be quick and simple . The kit includes a special gel , the applicator to use with it, the dental tray that is specifically designed for the kit, and of course, instructions. Basically, you apply a small amount of gel inside the dental tray and insert it into your mouth.

tooth whitening tooth whitening

The in-office kind of teeth whitening kit is one that uses a special light and a special gel that will whiten teeth several shades in minutes. These kits are becoming more and more popular every day. Such whitening systems that use advanced light can remove not only surface stains, but also the deep, embedded stains that have set in for years. The light used in a teeth whitening kit penetrates deep into the teeth to remove coffee stains, stains from drinking tea, ones from smoking, drinking red wine, fruit juice, and normal discolorations due to aging.
In office bleaching,it is just as effective and offer the same advantages that laser whitening systems provide and there is no harm to your teeth, because nothing touches them but light.